​​​​​Malama Me Ke Aloha



 I knew I wanted to use my platform to spread awareness of social issues that are important to   me as well as affects the Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (NHPI) community. According to   an article by the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum*, NHPI high school students   have the highest percentage of suicide attempts. And according to Centers for Disease Control   and Prevention, the number of suicide deaths among NHPI increased 170% between 2005 and   2010. I have come to learn that historical trauma - the loss of land, culture and population,   especially affects indigenous peoples due to colonialism - this leads to a multitude of   problems, one being mental health issues.

 While this walk is more specific, it attempts to prevent a consequence of these mental health   problems. This cause hits close to home because I have struggled with suicidal thoughts and   various mental disorders throughout the years and I'm hoping to help provide for others who   are struggling or simply want to learn more.