My duties as Director of Culture are as follows:

  • Plan and organize cultural activities for the club
  • Develop and foster workshops and programs, such as choir, hula and ukulele to preserve Hawaiian culture and heritage

My duties as Director of Building are as follows:

  • Provide guidelines for maintenance, repair and rental of the Club building 
  • Assist the hospitality committee
  • Responsible for furniture and equipment

Ilima Martinez


of Youth Enrichment

​​2nd Vice President

My duties as Director of Programs are as follows:

  • Coordinate holiday events, such as picnics, programs, and social meetings

My duties as 2nd Vice President are as follows:

  • Succeed or substitute for the President or First Vice President when absent
  • Coordinate Scholarship and Education Assistance, Publications, and Membership

Personal goals for 2018:

Kahinu Harrelson


​​Sergeant at Arms

My duties as Secretary are as follows:

  • Keep minutes of the club and Board proceedings
  • Maintain record of elected and appointed committee members
  • Conduct correspondence and maintain business records

My duties as Director of Fundraising are as follows:

  • Responsible for all fundraising activities
  • Design and implement fundraising activities such as the luau and other fundraising programs
  • Maintain and increase club revenue 
  • Review and make recommendations for the club budget​

Monica Curiel

Director of Programs 

Billie Bechtel

​Director of Building

My duties as 1st Vice President are as follows:

  • Assume duties of the President when absent
  • Coordinate Nominations, Elections, Financial Audit, Legislation and Installation of officers

My duties as Sergeant at Arms are as follows:

  • Preserve order, maintain club rules and diplomacy at meetings

Karen Guevara


Director of Culture

Hui O Hawaii Board Members 

My duties as Treasurer are as follows:

  • Manage and maintain records, receipts and expenditures of the club
  • Issue and co-sign checks
  • Collect and deposit club funds
  • Assist with annual audit

My duties as Chaplain are as follows:

  • Provide spiritual and devotional guidance at club functions
  • Coordinate health, welfare, and charity committees

My duties as President are as follows:

  • Preside at all meetings of the club and the Board
  • Appoint special committees and chairpersons
  • Coordinate Public Relations
  • Sign checks​

Reynette Rapozo​

1st Vice President

​​Malama Me Ke Aloha

Moe Jorbozeh

Director of Fundraising

My duties as Director of Youth are as follows:

  • Coordinate Miss\Mr Hui O Hawaii Pageant
  • Coordinate youth enrichment programs

Vaughn Butler


Shalee Kekawa