​​​​​Malama Me Ke Aloha

Frank Spencer

Sergeant at Arms

Paialani Lene

Director of Youth Enrichment


​​Director of Programs


Director of Fundraising

My duties as Treasurer are as follows:

  • Responsible for all aspects of the financial operation of the Hui-O- Hawaii, including, but not limited to accounting, collection of revenue, assessments and collection of dues, purchasing of goods and services, payment of obligations of the Hui, and any all other statutory and legal duties of this office.
  • Oversees fundraising procedures, the management of funds and to work in conjunction with the Finance Committee to ensure that the financial systems and procedures are properly enforced​
  • Ensures that all necessary and appropriate insurance policies are in full force and effect, all federal, state and local income tax returns are timely filed, all real and personal property tax assessments are timely paid.

My duties as Chaplain are as follows:

  • Provide spiritual and devotional guidance at club functions
  • Coordinate health, welfare, and charity committees

My duties as Director of Youth are as follows:

  • Select Miss / Mr. Hui as acting spokesperson for public and private functions pertaining to the Hui O Hawai’i of San Diego and affiliate communities at the direction of the Director of Youth and or Board of Directors sees fit.
  • Develop and implement strategies to promote for Miss / Mr. Hui and Na ‘Opio
  • Organizes meetings for events that promote Miss / Mr. Hui and the Na ‘Opio.

Our duties as Directors of Programs are as follows:

  • Plans, develops, oversee programs to meet the needs of the membership including but not limited to holiday parties, picnics, social events and programs.
  • Organizes logistics, supplies, entertainment and volunteers for events.

My duties as 2nd Vice President are as follows:

  • Supports the President and First Vice President to ensure the effective action of the board in governing and supporting the organization, and oversees assigned committees.
  • Coordinate Scholarship and Education Assistance, Publications, and Membership

My duties as Secretary are as follows:

  • Foster communication and care through proper management of important club records, such as meeting minutes and the Hui’s bylaws.
  • Maintain record of elected and appointed committee members
  • Ensure security, integrity and maintenance of club’s records; provide resources to board on topics of governance issues, state laws, that will assist the board in fiduciary duties.

My duties as Director of Fundraising are as follows:

  • In partnership with the Board and under the direction of the President is responsible for all fundraising and development activities
  • Design and implement plans needed to generate income from special events, through solicitation of gifts and corporate support.
  • Oversee organization of special events.
    Maintain records, prepare itemized budget before each event.

My duties as Director of Culture are as follows:

  • To plan, manage, direct and review the cultural activities of the Hui.
  • Coordinates, liaisons, oversees entertainment/ cultural events in the community and at events such as the Hui’s annual luau.
  • Development of programs designed to maintain the heritage and cultural mission of the Hui, including but not limited to Choir, Cultural Workshops, Hula and Ukulele.

My duties as Director of Logistics are as follows:

  • To coordinate, guide, instruct and be responsible under the direction of the President, for the functioning of Building and Real Property.
  • Coordinate with the Board of Directors and Chairpersons with yearly calendar of events to and notify any and all affected members of any changes in use of building.
  • Responsible for the cleanliness and all repairs of the building.

My duties as 1st Vice President are as follows:

  • Assume duties of the President when absent
  • Chairs the following committees, implements policies and procedures for enforcement of process: Nominations & Elections, Financial Audit, Legislation and Installation of officers

My duties as Sergeant at Arms are as follows:

  • Preserve order, maintain club rules and diplomacy at meetings

My duties as President are as follows:

  • ​Ensures the effective action of the board in governing and supporting the organization, and oversees board affairs.
  • Acts as the organizational leader and representative of the board as a whole, advises, directs, oversees policy and objectives and assists with the leadership and general purpose of the Hui, so as to support the Hui’s mission and needs.​

Elizabeth AhNee


Justin Pires​Secretary

Nani Olmos


Jolene Ibarra

​​​1st Vice President

Tula Striffler 

Director of Culture


Director of Logistics

Joey West

​​​2nd Vice President

Audre Spencer 


2022 Hui O Hawaii of San Diego Board Members