Malama Me Ke Aloha

Explore the world of ensemble singing under the direction of Kumu Lance Koyama. This is a rare opportunity to participate in choir classes which provide artistic, cultural and spiritual experiences, including Hawaiian language instruction. The choir is conducted in four part harmony. However, there is a need for bass singers. Kumu Lance Koyama is the only bass among the 15 choir members. Each class learns about the composer’s back story and connections to the time periods that the songs were written. Pronunciation is “key” to this class.  You learn the correct pronunciation of words, and are able to recognize the patterns which allow for correct interpretation. ​No experience is necessary, only attendance.  Celebrate the experiences of the Hawaiian people, island and culture through song. 

Hawaiian Choir Practice

Kumu Lance Koyama

Saturdays 9:30 - 12:30pm