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Malama Me Ke Aloha

My duties as Treasurer are as follows:

  • Manage and maintain records, receipts and expenditures of the club
  • Issue and co-sign checks
  • Collect and deposit club funds
  • Assist with annual audit

​Personal goals for 2017:

Improve income and decrease costs. ​

My duties as Chaplain are as follows:

  • Provide spiritual and devotional guidance at club functions
  • Coordinate health, welfare, and charity committees

Personal goals for 2017:

To foster the spirit of aloha at every club function

My duties as Director of Youth Enrichment are as follows:

  • Coordinate Miss\Mr Hui O Hawaii and youth programs
  • Coordinate youth enrichment programs

Personal goals for 2016:

Increase youth programs by 20%

My duties as Director of Programs are as follows:

  • Coordinate holiday events, such as picnics, programs, and social meetings

Personal goals for 2017:

My duties as 2nd Vice President are as follows:

  • Succeed or substitute for the President or First Vice President when absent
  • Coordinate Scholarship and Education Assistance, Publications, and Membership

Personal goals for 2017:

​To increase membership by 20%

My duties as Secretary are as follows:

  • Keep minutes of the club and Board proceedings
  • Maintain record of elected and appointed committee members
  • Conduct correspondence and maintain business records

Personal goals for 2017:

To provide concise summaries of all club and board meeting to be included in the newsletter

My duties as Director of Fundraising are as follows:

  • Responsible for all fundraising activities
  • Design and implement fundraising activities such as the luau and other fundraising programs
  • Maintain and increase club revenue 
  • Review and make recommendations for the club budget​

Personal goals for 2017:

​To increase club revenue by 20 percent

My duties as Director of Culture are as follows:

  • Plan and organize cultural activities for the club
  • Develop and foster workshops and programs, such as choir, hula and ukulele to preserve Hawaiian culture and heritage

Personal goals for 2017:

To increase the number of workshops and programs by 20% over 2016

My duties as Director of Building are as follows:

  • Provide guidelines for maintenance, repair and rental of the Club building 
  • Assist the hospitality committee
  • Responsible for furniture and equipment

Personal goals for 2017:

To reduce operating costs by 20%

My duties as 1st Vice President are as follows:

  • Assume duties of the President when absent
  • Coordinate Nominations, Elections, Financial Audit, Legislation and Installation of officers

Personal goals for 2017:

My duties as Sergeant at Arms are as follows:

  • Preserve order, maintain club rules and diplomacy at meetings

Personal goals for 2017:

My duties as President are as follows:

  • Preside at all meetings of the club and the Board
  • Appoint special committees and chairpersons
  • Coordinate Public Relations
  • Sign checks​

​Personal goals for 2017:

Kahinu Harrelson



Kim Brown 


(Youth Enrichment)




Jim Brown


Keala San Nicolas


Karen Guevara


Elizabeth Ah Nee

1st Vice President

Shalee Kekawa



Frank Spencer



Mohsen "Moe" Jorbozeh

Sergeant at Arms

Joey West 

2nd Vice President

Audre Spencer


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